I'm Tsveta.


Currently, I’m working as a writer, visual storyteller, and content creative for various startups and NGOs in Berlin. I also love to write about culture, feminism, and the way creative people push ideas forward.​


I’ve studied how humans work, play, and interact for over five years in university. Afterwards, I started connecting them with the products they will love, and I’m doing this for over seven years now. I’ve been working with big clients, such as Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble and I’ve been developing brands from scratch. My specialities are content marketing, creative Ideation, and brand development. I'm also a huge fan of personal projects.


I have an extensive knowledge in defining brand attributes (tone of voice, value, X-factor, etc.) as well as user and audience profiles. I also love building up communications strategies from scratch, defining different storytelling approaches, and finding the right medium for every message. 


To get the job done I use: Google Calendar, Adobe Creative Suite, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Airtable, The Old Reader, my iPad, and lots of post-it notes. Plus, my brain, my empathy, and my notebook. 


I live in Kreuzberg, in my head, and all over the internet, but you could also get in touch with me by email: stoeva.tsveta@gmail.com or mobile: 152-51-989-567.